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Passion to Financial Freedom Workshop

I found the Passion to Financial Freedom workshop to be very valuable in developing a positive and realistic financial strategy for my current business pursuit. This workshop provides the opportunity to arrive at both a context and perspective of one’s own journey to financial freedom. Though there are many skills and techniques out there, what I found different about this workshop is that it takes one on a journey from the inside out. In this workshop, one goes through a process to create a personal foundation based on an organic understanding of one’s strengths, weaknesses, core values and end in mind. What is important is that this foundation will be different for each person.

This foundation provides the individual context and perspective to apply the relevant information, skills and techniques to building one’s future financial freedom by leveraging the understanding of one’s personal wiring. This approach avoids trying to apply a one-size-fits-all approach from the outside in and has enabled me to make organic choices that I would not have made otherwise. Thank you for not only the process, but your guidance and expertise through this workshop.

Thank you SO much for last night’s workshop.

To be 100% honest with you I came into last night’s workshop feeling quite frazzled, tired and frustrated. I don’t think I was fully aware of it, but I feel like I had begun to sink into a space where I was lacking a lot of clarity in terms of my business, and I felt unclear as to what my offering really was. I think I subconsciously expected that I wasn’t going to get much out of the workshop because of the space I was in – because I felt distracted and unfocused (though, I should’ve known better that this is EXACTLY what you and Mariska are amazing at guiding people through!)

The conversations that were had and the questions you guys had us think through really inspired me and sent me down a rabbit hole of introspection, in the best way possible! Within those two hours I went from a space of not even realizing how stuck and disempowered I felt, to gaining SO much momentum in generating ideas for my business, revenue models and product ideas. I love that the workshop is also designed to really get you thinking about your passions, strengths and values in a different way – and to connect those things and apply it to business decisions. I feel like I am learning so much about MYSELF and how I can apply that knowledge to know what works for me and what doesn’t.

The workshop inspired me to create a list of achievable action steps/next steps in order to get my dream project rolling, as well as helped me identify the keystone habit I needed to implement in order to achieve my multiplier goal (I really loved this concept!)

Often, I wake up feeling a sense of dread that stems from anxiety that is work related. This morning? I implemented my simple, clearly defined but achievable keystone habits and worked on my goal. Those 75 minutes completely altered the trajectory of my day and left me feeling empowered, confident and capable to handle the work that I want to take on.

I feel like I was finally able to take the first steps on a project that I’ve been thinking about for the last few months – so thank you both for setting up the space to help me look within and find what it takes to get the ball rolling!

I also wanted to add that I got so much value from the first workshop in a way that has translated over the course of the last month into my personal life. That first workshop alone helped me have the courage to make a BIG change that I was terrified of facing, but that was necessary to keep me on track toward my dreams for my life. So THANK YOU and Mariska! I am so grateful to be a part of this group, and I’m looking forward to the third workshop next month!

Ciara was a dream to work with. She listened to me very attentively and just knew which questions to ask to help me open up.

I always felt very safe and well heard in our sessions together, she made me feel that every concern I shared was valid. From our first call Ciara had a plan for me and sent me an abundance of resources to get me going. She really guided me through my journey and opened my eyes about how important self awareness is when you are trying to make any changes in your life. I definitely felt that the tasks and chats we had in our sessions helped me to feel good about my previous career decisions and were the perfect guidance in how best to move forward. Change is inevitable (I have learned this over the last year), but with the right tools and guidance it becomes much less intimidating. Ciara’s coaching was a great investment professionally and personally!

I have been and will continue to sing your praises to people and anyone that I think may benefit from meeting with you, I will encourage them to do so.

I get the most value from hearing your perspective on things or by you challenging me to take a different perspective on things for example when you taught me about the saboteurs that really opened up my mind to being more aware of my internal dialogue with myself (about myself and about others) whereas before, I never really questioned it nor was aware that I was sabotaging myself.

Another really valuable part of our coaching sessions for me is the accountability,

just knowing that I have a session coming up holds me accountable. Knowing that I’ve got upcoming sessions with you (and the resources you send out) keep me in a state of awareness of it whereas previously if I had learned something, I very quickly and easily forget about it and never really come back to it.

I was hesitant and unsure of what to expect when I first contacted Ciara about coaching.

Living in a culture of constant improvement and self-evaluation, I found myself stuck, lacking motivation and in need of career guidance. Ciara’s warm and caring coaching style very quickly put me at ease by ensuring me that the obstacles can instead be seen as opportunities. Ciara brought awareness into my life and my values that I did not have before and empowered me by taking me through a series of exercises to build up my confidence and allow me to trust my instincts. I am so thankful and grateful to have Ciara as a coach through my self-development journey both professionally and personally.

I never thought I would look forward to Tuesday mornings the way I have since working with Ciara … I remember feeling completely overwhelmed with everything on my plate; business and personal.

Day one with Ciara we went straight to it; formulated a system that helps me not only sharpen my entrepreneurial skills but allows my creative spirit to freely explore and flourish, which admittedly was difficult while trying to run an entire company and that was ONLY on day one!

I’ve learnt so much about myself in these coaching sessions with Ciara, she’s kind, objective, ready and willing to tackle my “List”

Becoming the best Katie I can has always been the number one goal for me and coaching with Ciara has definitely put me on that path. My relationships are thriving, my company is growing in a way that resonates with me and I’m finding time to sleep hehehe.

I will honestly say contacting Ciara was without a doubt one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself!

Thank you Ciara, for these sessions have been not only productive but therapeutic!

You added so much value to my self confidence as you taught me that working on yourself is crucial before you try to work on anything else.

You also add value to my professionalism as I now know what my strengths are and I will constantly think of ways to ensure my work life (and personal) play to those, I will also be aware of how I sabotage myself and make an effort to be more self aware of when it’s happening. Your style is very relaxed and open, but also very structured and professional. It’s the perfect balance of a safe calm space mixed with a very productive space.

I felt so supported & safe whilst working on things that were very constructive.

Your style and method is really inspiring to be honest.

You are always so calm and compassionate & empathetic. You have such a nurturing energy about you during our calls which creates this environment of comfort so that I’m able to get vulnerable without feeling awkward about it.

I think you and Mariska are a wonderful team, and I can see how you play off each other’s strengths.

It’s clear you both are big believers of speaking your truth & that shows up in the workshop. The way everything is broken down is so easy to understand. The first session was really about getting to know yourself & understanding yourself, and the second session was more, okay now I know myself, how am I going to apply this and what can I do with it (professionally & personally). The third session was very much, I know myself, I know what I can do but when am I going to do it and how. I have all my worksheets and notes and I will be using & looking back at them. The fact that I have the new career I’m thinking about written down helps me stay focused and discourages procrastination. It’s so apparent that this workshop is open and welcome for all types of people – its younger people, older, in-between. You both did an amazing job of helping people understand themselves and guide them on my journey. Through this workshop I have decided on pursuing something that is my passion & utilises my strengths and I’m very excited about that – this workshop has been a huge motivator.

I’m a business owner who was looking for some support and guidance as I took a step forward in almost completely changing my business goal.

Ciara has been an incredible help in giving me the tools I need in order to grow my business authentically, the way I want to. Love everything she’s doing and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to grow their personal or professional lives

a ) Positive manifestation is the keyword for what C&M have created here. This is a perfect environment for inward reflection which helped me tremendously in figuring out my way forward. If you need a guiding light, this is the programme for you. Massive thanks to you guys! Keep up the good work.

b ) When Ciara told me about this workshop, I saw it as a prime opportunity to get a new perspective on what I thought was my master plan. It was exactly what I thought, but it also wasn’t. Here’s why.

I picked up a second job in January of this year to improve my financial situation and qualify myself for stepping up the economic ladder. My personal goal was simple – make enough money to fund my degree and a few certificate courses. COVID-19 threw a wrench into my plans; C & M were the diagnostic technicians I didn’t know I needed. By the end of March, the entire country was placed under lockdown orders and I was out of 2 jobs, albeit temporarily.

The timing of this workshop could not have been better. Positivity and manifestation are keywords which describe this engaging platform C&M have created. The initial self-assessment was one the most telling factors as my situation was so drastically affected by the global pandemic. Once we made it through the self-analysis exercises, I was able to draw a map of sorts to chart my strengths. From there, we explored practical applications based on the aforementioned exercises. Ultimately we tied it all together with actionable items.

The core value of this workshop is to help you realise your full potential and above all … Be true to yourself.

I connected with Ciara for coaching to assist with calming a bit of career anxiety and developing my leadership skills.

Ciara has helped me to identify and focus on my own values and ideas, ensuring that I am the author of my own ambitions. I now know the mindsets and beliefs that have been holding me back, and have identified the actions I need to take to develop personally and professionally.

I feel that I can now clearly articulate and comfortably embody the values and behaviours of the type of person and leader I want to be.

I found Ciara when I was in a terribly lost state, and started working with her over a two-month period, in the thick of a nationwide lockdown (which was not doing anything for my mental/emotional state).

At first I was a little apprehensive as I was not sure what to expect from a Life Coach, where does a Life Coach differ from a Counsellor, what I should and shouldn’t discuss with her, before our first session the questions piled within my head. However, when the session commenced as we started discussing, all my apprehensions melted away. Ciara made me feel very comfortable, she is wonderful to talk to, very professional and most importantly non-judgemental.

Through the various assessments, thought-provoking homework and session discussions Ciara was able to help me put many aspects of my life into perspective so that now I have a better understanding of myself, the tools to deal with my internal saboteurs and to effectively set and achieve my goals. Despite never actually being in the same room with Ciara for any of our sessions (which took place on Zoom), Ciara is highly effective and I would happily recommend her services to anyone, lost or otherwise.

I just want to thank you again for all your help; it truly has been nothing short of a fantastic turn around for myself and where I want to be heading.

When I think of your contribution to my life and they journey we’ve taken two things profoundly stand out.

Mindfulness – being the first. Having the ability now to be more self aware of living in the present and feeling grateful for the blessing I have.

Self-care – teaching me how to treat myself well and by extension feeling powerful and proud of who I am. Taking care of myself and what I like to feel less pain, less anxious and overall less sad about events that have been traumatic.

Regarding our sessions, even though the approach had to have been a little unorthodox due to the nature of my work, I couldn’t help but feel safe. I had a safe space to say anything and feel 100% comfortable. Your approach couldn’t have been friendlier and I got a real sense of genuine care which I found was paramount. Thank you again Ciara for your help. You’ve helped me come out of a hole that I seemed inescapable.

After having gone through multiple rounds of therapy and having had diminishing returns, I decided to try coaching, to hopefully get perspective that I wouldn’t usually be brought to in therapy. And now, I can’t overstate the impact it has had on my life.

Not gonna lie, initially I felt the approach was a little text book, but that lasted all of 10 minutes and I soon realized that Ciara’s ability to professionally navigate coaching principles to bring you to the most meaningful perspectives, is second to none; I would say tactical even. In an absurdly short time, that rigid feeling I had faded away and I felt open and comfortable. And in just as short of time I felt like she had quite a comprehensive grasp of my personality. No matter how random and chaotic as my thoughts were or how suddenly I changed the topic or goal of our session, Ciara always managed to elegantly maneuver the flow of conversation to achieve maximum results.

Bit by bit that clarity and deliberation I used to have making my decisions started coming back. General life started becoming more cohesive and more than ever I felt in touch with myself. I cannot emphasize enough the impact Ciara’s coaching has had on my life. The plan I used to have was essentially uprooted and I was set on an entirely new course. Which one might imagine for someone as calculating as me, that would cause me to be plagued with anxiety and panic after clinging to a plan for so long. But with the help of coaching I was able to recognize how the map I plotted all those years ago was no longer the course that was best for me taking into consideration all the factors that have changed in my personal life and around me.

Fast forward to now and I’m the most content and at peace as I’ve ever been in life. Engaged in several new ventures which have been going well (understatement) and each has been giving me great fulfillment and satisfaction.

Through Ciara I have a greater understanding and appreciation for my beliefs, values and the aspects of life I consider important and I’ve successfully balanced all of these things with my career and personal relationships. These are things than can be extrapolated in so many aspects of life to help in many ways. I couldn’t have gotten this far without her. Where therapy failed, she broke the stigma that I had allowed to set in and extracted amazing results. I would definitely recommend Ciara, whether you were as confused as me or just looking for clarity.

Calm, knowledgeable, personable. Your calm energy always leaves me feeling so much calmer myself which is a big plus for me!

I always leave our sessions feeling like I’ve learned something and my interest is peaked to go and research more on the topics we discussed, and I really love your use of metaphors and analogies – it which makes me feel like I’m talking with someone who really understands vs someone who’s just there because they’re being paid to listen you know?

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