Ciara was a dream to work with. She listened to me very attentively and just knew which questions to ask to help me open up.

I always felt very safe and well heard in our sessions together, she made me feel that every concern I shared was valid. From our first call Ciara had a plan for me and sent me an abundance of resources to get me going. She really guided me through my journey and opened my eyes about how important self awareness is when you are trying to make any changes in your life. I definitely felt that the tasks and chats we had in our sessions helped me to feel good about my previous career decisions and were the perfect guidance in how best to move forward. Change is inevitable (I have learned this over the last year), but with the right tools and guidance it becomes much less intimidating. Ciara’s coaching was a great investment professionally and personally!

I have been and will continue to sing your praises to people and anyone that I think may benefit from meeting with you, I will encourage them to do so.