I found Ciara when I was in a terribly lost state, and started working with her over a two-month period, in the thick of a nationwide lockdown (which was not doing anything for my mental/emotional state).

At first I was a little apprehensive as I was not sure what to expect from a Life Coach, where does a Life Coach differ from a Counsellor, what I should and shouldn’t discuss with her, before our first session the questions piled within my head. However, when the session commenced as we started discussing, all my apprehensions melted away. Ciara made me feel very comfortable, she is wonderful to talk to, very professional and most importantly non-judgemental.

Through the various assessments, thought-provoking homework and session discussions Ciara was able to help me put many aspects of my life into perspective so that now I have a better understanding of myself, the tools to deal with my internal saboteurs and to effectively set and achieve my goals. Despite never actually being in the same room with Ciara for any of our sessions (which took place on Zoom), Ciara is highly effective and I would happily recommend her services to anyone, lost or otherwise.