I just want to thank you again for all your help; it truly has been nothing short of a fantastic turn around for myself and where I want to be heading.

When I think of your contribution to my life and they journey we’ve taken two things profoundly stand out.

Mindfulness – being the first. Having the ability now to be more self aware of living in the present and feeling grateful for the blessing I have.

Self-care – teaching me how to treat myself well and by extension feeling powerful and proud of who I am. Taking care of myself and what I like to feel less pain, less anxious and overall less sad about events that have been traumatic.

Regarding our sessions, even though the approach had to have been a little unorthodox due to the nature of my work, I couldn’t help but feel safe. I had a safe space to say anything and feel 100% comfortable. Your approach couldn’t have been friendlier and I got a real sense of genuine care which I found was paramount. Thank you again Ciara for your help. You’ve helped me come out of a hole that I seemed inescapable.