After having gone through multiple rounds of therapy and having had diminishing returns, I decided to try coaching, to hopefully get perspective that I wouldn’t usually be brought to in therapy. And now, I can’t overstate the impact it has had on my life.

Not gonna lie, initially I felt the approach was a little text book, but that lasted all of 10 minutes and I soon realized that Ciara’s ability to professionally navigate coaching principles to bring you to the most meaningful perspectives, is second to none; I would say tactical even. In an absurdly short time, that rigid feeling I had faded away and I felt open and comfortable. And in just as short of time I felt like she had quite a comprehensive grasp of my personality. No matter how random and chaotic as my thoughts were or how suddenly I changed the topic or goal of our session, Ciara always managed to elegantly maneuver the flow of conversation to achieve maximum results.

Bit by bit that clarity and deliberation I used to have making my decisions started coming back. General life started becoming more cohesive and more than ever I felt in touch with myself. I cannot emphasize enough the impact Ciara’s coaching has had on my life. The plan I used to have was essentially uprooted and I was set on an entirely new course. Which one might imagine for someone as calculating as me, that would cause me to be plagued with anxiety and panic after clinging to a plan for so long. But with the help of coaching I was able to recognize how the map I plotted all those years ago was no longer the course that was best for me taking into consideration all the factors that have changed in my personal life and around me.

Fast forward to now and I’m the most content and at peace as I’ve ever been in life. Engaged in several new ventures which have been going well (understatement) and each has been giving me great fulfillment and satisfaction.

Through Ciara I have a greater understanding and appreciation for my beliefs, values and the aspects of life I consider important and I’ve successfully balanced all of these things with my career and personal relationships. These are things than can be extrapolated in so many aspects of life to help in many ways. I couldn’t have gotten this far without her. Where therapy failed, she broke the stigma that I had allowed to set in and extracted amazing results. I would definitely recommend Ciara, whether you were as confused as me or just looking for clarity.