a ) Positive manifestation is the keyword for what C&M have created here. This is a perfect environment for inward reflection which helped me tremendously in figuring out my way forward. If you need a guiding light, this is the programme for you. Massive thanks to you guys! Keep up the good work.

b ) When Ciara told me about this workshop, I saw it as a prime opportunity to get a new perspective on what I thought was my master plan. It was exactly what I thought, but it also wasn’t. Here’s why.

I picked up a second job in January of this year to improve my financial situation and qualify myself for stepping up the economic ladder. My personal goal was simple – make enough money to fund my degree and a few certificate courses. COVID-19 threw a wrench into my plans; C & M were the diagnostic technicians I didn’t know I needed. By the end of March, the entire country was placed under lockdown orders and I was out of 2 jobs, albeit temporarily.

The timing of this workshop could not have been better. Positivity and manifestation are keywords which describe this engaging platform C&M have created. The initial self-assessment was one the most telling factors as my situation was so drastically affected by the global pandemic. Once we made it through the self-analysis exercises, I was able to draw a map of sorts to chart my strengths. From there, we explored practical applications based on the aforementioned exercises. Ultimately we tied it all together with actionable items.

The core value of this workshop is to help you realise your full potential and above all … Be true to yourself.