I think you and Mariska are a wonderful team, and I can see how you play off each other’s strengths.

It’s clear you both are big believers of speaking your truth & that shows up in the workshop. The way everything is broken down is so easy to understand. The first session was really about getting to know yourself & understanding yourself, and the second session was more, okay now I know myself, how am I going to apply this and what can I do with it (professionally & personally). The third session was very much, I know myself, I know what I can do but when am I going to do it and how. I have all my worksheets and notes and I will be using & looking back at them. The fact that I have the new career I’m thinking about written down helps me stay focused and discourages procrastination. It’s so apparent that this workshop is open and welcome for all types of people – its younger people, older, in-between. You both did an amazing job of helping people understand themselves and guide them on my journey. Through this workshop I have decided on pursuing something that is my passion & utilises my strengths and I’m very excited about that – this workshop has been a huge motivator.